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Dr.Umbrello, S. (Steven)

Delft University of Technology
Section: Ethics/Philosophy of Technology
Faculty: Technology, Policy, Management (TBM)

STEVEN UMBRELLO is a research fellow at the Delft University of Technology and the Managing Director at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (501c3 Non-profit, Boston, MA). His expertise focuses on the ethics and design of emerging and transformative technologies, in particular, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and Industry 4.0 technologies. He is the editor of several international academic journals, such as the International Journal of Technoethics, the Journal of Responsible Technology, and the Journal of Ethics and Emerging Technologies. He is the author of several books, including Designed for Death: Controlling Killer Robots (2022), and dozens of academic articles across a broad range of techno-ethical domains.

Key Publications

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