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Please note: Govert Valkenburg got his doctoral degree and is no longer a member of 3TU.Ethics. Hence, this webpage is no longer maintained.

hold Masters’ degrees in Electrical Engineering (2001) and in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (2002), obtained at the University of Twente. In addition, as from 2001 I have been studying classical vocals at the Conservatory in Enschede (now part of ArtEZ School of Arts). My masters’ thesis for philosophy concerned an analysis of the emergence of so-called ‘Evidence-based Medicine’ along a theoretical framework based on ideas of Bruno Latour and Thomas S. Kuhn.

Feel free to visit my personal website, http://www.govertvalkenburg.nl/, to read about my non-academic activities.

Scientific publications (selection)


  • Valkenburg, G. 2008. De transistor, een schakelaar voor de moderne tijd. In De bètacanon, wat iedereen moet weten van de natuurwetenschappen. Amsterdam. available online
  • Valkenburg, G. 2008. Technologie als betekenis. In Deus et machina. De verwevenheid van technologie en religie edited by M. v. Well. Den Haag: STT.


  • Valkenburg, G., H.J. Achterhuis, and A.H.J. Nijhof. 2003. Fundamental shortcomings of Evidence-based Medicine. Journal of Health, Organisation and Management 17 (6):463-471. available online