Yan, Kunru

Technical University of Delft
Section: Philosophy
Faculty: Technology, Policy, and Management

Visiting address

Department of Philosophy Faculty of TBM Technical University of Delft Office C1.010 Jaffalaan 5 2628 BX Delft The Netherlands


+31 6 5903 7921


Prof Kunru Yan is professor at the South China University of Technology in Guangyhou (Canton). She is a guest researcher at TU Delft from July 2015 to July 2016.

Prof Kunru’s research interests include technological risk, Bayestian probability, Uncertainty, Risk perception, risk of (and in) decision-making, and more. Her areas of specialization are: philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, and analytic philosophy more widely.

Prof Kunru’s published articles in the last five years include:

  • Kunru Yan (2015),Analysis of the Risk Factors from the Bias Networks ViewAcademic Research, 3, 56-60
  • Kunru Yan (2014), Analysis on Theory of Systems Engineering and System Engineering MethodologyJournal of Chasha University of Science &Technology. 2014(6),17-21
  • Kunru Yan (2014), Subjective Bayesian Analysis in Cognitive Bias of Engineering Risks, Study of philosophy of science and technology,2014(5),65-70
  • Kunru Yan (2014), Technology – Environmental Paradox, from the View of Complexity Paradigm, Journal of Dalian University of Technology (Social Sciences) 2014(2),77-83
  • Kunru Yan (2014),The Origin of Technological Alienation and Avoid, Journal of South China University of Technology. 2014(3),1-6
  • Kunru Yan (2014), Analysis on the Degree of Subjective Beliefs about Technical Risk, Academic Research, 2, 9-13
  • Kunru Yan (2013), Reflection on Value-laden Science in Modern Context, Studies in Philosophy, Science and Technology, 30 (5), 40-44
  • Kunru Yan (2011), Evaluation of Engineering Ethics Education, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 27(10), 118-120
  • Daiyun Xia & Kunru Yan (2011), Classical Reductionism and Its Difficulties Journal of Chongqing University of Technology (Social Science), 25 (2), 10-15
  • Kunru Yan (2011), Model of Covering-law Explanation and Law, Philosophical Trends, 9, 83-88



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