3TU.Ethics Annual Research Day 25th of May

On May 25th, the 3TU.Ethics Annual Research day will take place at Huize Molenaar in Utrecht. At this event several researchers of the 3TU.Ethics Centre will present their research and most recent work. A special welcome to Dr. Colleen Murphy, a 3TU.Ethics visiting scholar, who will deliver the keynote address “Defining Acceptable and Tolerable Levels of Risk: The Role of Resilience and Human Rights“.

Other sessions are:

  • the general address by our institutes scientific director, Philip Brey;
  • a welcoming of the Wageningen University group of Philosophy;
  • a parallel by new members of the 3TU.Ethics, Sven Nyholm and Elizabeth O’Neill;
  • sided by presentations of Chinese guest scholars, Yan Kunru, Liu Zhanxiong and Yu Xue;
  • a plenary session by the 3TU.Ethics Task Force “Risk, Safety, and Security” hosted by Nolen Gertz and David Douglas on “Apple vs. FBI”

For more specific please check the 3TU Ethics Annual Research Day Program. Throughout the day the research day you will be able to follow the research day on Twitter: @3TUEthics and #3TUEthicsARD.

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