In the next two weeks, two of the major conferences in our field will take place: From June 5-9 2017 the conference on Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE) will be held in Turin (Italy). From June 14-17 the conference for Society of Philosophy of Technology (SPT) will be held in Darmstadt (Germany) for its bi-annual conferences. At both conference, 4TU.Ethics members will present their latest works.


CEPE/ETHICOMP will feature talks by our scientific director Philip Brey, the managing director of our centre Michael Nagenborg, as well as Ibo van de Poel, Mark Coeckelbergh, Faridun Sattarov, Margoth Gonzalez Woge and Laura Fichtner.


At SPT, you have the chance to hear a total of 20 4TU.Ethics full and affiliated members that will present their latest findings: 



Philip Brey 

Philip Brey. Structural Ethics: Ontological Foundations and Implications for the Ethics of Technology

Michael Nagenborg 

Michael Nagenborg. Elevators as urban technologies: Past, present, and future

Neelke Doorn 

Neelke Doorn, Colleen Murphy and Paolo Gardoni. Translating social resilience to engineering: How can resilient engineering systems contribute to social justice? 

Jathan Sdawoski 

Jathan Sadowski. Parameters of Possibility: Envisioning and Constructing the Smart Urban Future

Udo Pesch 

Udo Pesch. A deliberative space for responsible anticipation

Pieter Vermaas 

Pieter Vermaas and Sara Eloy. Grammar and Quality: Assessing the Design Quality of Grammar-System Generated Architecture

Philip Nickel 

Philip Nickel. Distributed consent for mHealth

Robert-Jan Geerts

Robert-Jan Geerts. The polder as precedent for geoengineering

 Taylor Stone 

Taylor Stone. The Morality of Darkness: Urban nights, light pollution, and evolving values

Ching Hung 

Ching Hung. Democratizing Technology by Technologizing Democracy

Shannon Spruit

Shannon Spruit and Zoë Robaey. Impact! Ethical reflection in engineering through art

Lumeng Jia

From Assessment to Accompaniment: Is CTA Enough for Technology Development?

Peter Kroes

Maarten Franssen and Peter Kroes. Philosophy of technology after the empirical turn: Perspectives on research in the philosophy of technology in the next decade

Margoth Gonzalez Woge

Margoth Gonzalez Woge. Technological Environmentality: technologies’ absent presence in Smart Environments

Mark Coeckelbergh

Mark Coeckelbergh and Michael Funk. Transcendental Grammar and Technical Practice in Wittgenstein’s Late Writings: Reading Wittgenstein as a Philosopher of Technology

Mark Coeckelbergh. Magic devices, gothic robots, and romantic people: Understanding the use of contemporary technologies in the light of romanticism

Mieke Boon

Mieke Boon and Miles MacLeod. Model-Based-Reasoning (MBR) as a skill for interdisciplinary approaches to socio-technological design and research

YU Xue

Qian Wang and Xue Yu. Technology and the City: From the Perspective of Organicism


Xue Yu. The Moral Agency and Moral Responsibility of Self-driving Cars

Rafaela Hillerbrand

Rafaela Hillerbrand and Eckert Claudia. Models in Engineering Design Processes 

Sjoerd Zwart 

Sjoerd Zwart. Prescriptive Knowledge: The Grammar of Actions and Things

Vincent Blok 

Vincent Blok. Against a Technological Fix Approach to Biomimicry: Towards a Biomimetic Ethos




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