7 new NWO grants for 4TU.Ethics fellows

In six of these seven projects awarded, a 4TU.Ethics research fellow was the main applicant. In one case, a 4TU.Ethics fellow was co-applicant. In this first round of the responsible innovation program, NWO has in total funded 15 projects. This means that 4TU.Ethics was able to acquire 47% of the available grants.

The grants together cover a wide range of areas in the ethics of technology, such as the impacts of new food technologies, the role of technology in global justice and the long-distance monitoring of patients with the help of new medical devices. In line with the requirements of the grant program, all projects are interdisciplinary. Project proposals were submitted together and in close collaboration with engineers and social scientists from other centers and departments and 4TU.Ethicists will continue to work closely together with them during the execution of the research projects. An overview of all the 2009 awarded MVI projects of 4TU.Ethics can be found below.

Title of project 4TU.Ethics applicant(s)
1. Responsible early diagnostics for Alzheimer’s Disease Marianne Boenink
2. Technology and Human Development:
A Capability Approach
Jeroen van den Hoven, Ilse Oosterlaken
3. Persuasive technology and social values Anthonie Meijers
4. Biosecurity and dual use research Seumas Miller, Jeroen van den Hoven
5. Moral fitness of military personnel in a networked operational environment Lamber Royakkers
6. Responsible Innovation in Food Technology: about the intricate web of soft impacts, (ir)responsibilities, and mutual lack of trust Tsjalling Swierstra
7. Telecare at home: Anticipating conflicting norms in telemonitoring technologies for chronic patients Peter-Paul Verbeek

NWO officially launched the responsible innovation program in June 2008. The program is co-funded by a number of Dutch ministries, who recognize that scientific and technological change give rise to many hard ethical and social questions for public policy. More information about the grant program can be found at www.nwo.nl/mvi.

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