Alexandra, A. Miller, S. 2009

Publisher: UNSW Press


Dozens of times a day we are faced with moral dilemmas, and our judgments and actions are guided by our sense of what is right or wrong. But there are times when we find ourselves facing situations of moral complexity and uncertainty. Drawing on numerous case studies, Ethics in Practice is a practical and absorbing discussion on ethics and moral theory, and will help readers to make better informed, and more rationally justifiable, decisions about how to act and judge the actions of others, where there are morally hard choices to be made in their professional working life.

Table of Contents

  1. Ethical Theory and Practice
  2. Relativism
  3. Moral Principles
  4. Virtues and Vices
  5. Moral Emotion, Motivation and Reasoning
  6. Professional Role Morality
  7. Duty of Care, Autonomy, Paternalism and Informed Consent
  8. Privacy and Confidentiality
  9. Life and Death
  10. Reproduction
  11. The Institution of the Family
  12. Drugs
  13. Corruption


Andrew Alexandra and Seumas Miller

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