Anouncement PhD course Philosophy and Ethics of AI

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Anouncement PhD course Philosophy and Ethics of AI
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We are glad to announce that 4TU.ethics will organize a new PhD course on the Philosophy and Ethics of AI. The course will take place in Wageningen, from 21-02-2024 to 01-03-2024

Structure course

Similar to other PhD courses, this course will be structured around 12 sessions distributed over 6 days. The first set of sessions will be dedicated to the technical aspects of how AI systems actually work, where the lecturers are leading scholars in computer science and information and communication studies. The second set of sessions concern the philosophical and ethical aspects of AI, for instance regarding epistemology, transparency, responsibility, bias, and sustainability. 

Lecturers include

Jan Broersen (University of Utrecht); Prof. Philip Brey (University of Twente); Jelle Zuidema (VU Amsterdam); Y.J. Erden (University of Twente); Carlos Zednik (Eindhoven University); and Jeroen van den Hoven (Delft University), and Stefan Buijsman (Delft University). More lecturers to be announced soon. 

More information

More detailed information will be distributed soon. Registration will open soon. For questions, please contact the course coordinator Jochem Zwier (