Autonomous Agency, Health Promotion, and Technology Design Workshop in Utrecht

Workshop: “Autonomous Agency, Health Promotion, and Technology Design.”
Date/time: 12 September 2014, 13:00-18:00
Location: Utrecht City Center

Maartje Schermer, Erasmus MC
Søren Holm, University of Manchester
Anton Vedder & Samantha Adams, University of Tilburg
Sander Voerman, TU Eindhoven
Bart Kamphorst, University of Utrecht

Theme of the workshop:
A whole new vocabulary has sprung up to discuss the ways that technology design can improve health: Persuasive technology, nudging, assistive technology, choice architecture, and self-management are just a few key concepts. Many health researchers have the ambition of using technologies such as e-coaching, wearable devices, smart buildings, and architecture to influence peoples’ choices and behavior and thereby improve their health. In this workshop we take a philosophical look at these developments, situating them in relation to important values such as autonomy, agency, self-management, and quality of life, as well as concepts of health and illness.

Registration for the workshop is required but free of cost! Please let us know if you want us to reserve you a seat, by sending an email to .

Co-sponsored by OZSW, University of Utrecht, and TU Eindhoven. Organized by Joel Anderson (UU) and Philip J. Nickel (TU/e) in connection with the projects “Promoting Effective Intentions: Volitional Scaffolding, Implementation Intentions, and Bedtime Procrastination” and “Medical Trust Beyond Clinical Walls.”

OZSW Study Group Ethics and Philosophy of Technology:

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