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Posted on May 31, 2022

SRA-E Benelux conference

The 6th SRA-E Benelux Annual Meeting will take place on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 and will be hosted by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The theme will be “Risk Perception: From Science to Policy.”  This  event is multi-disciplinary and we also hope that ethicists/philosophers that are engaged with the topic of risk will attend the meeting

The conference aims to bring together researchers, academics, practitioners, and policy makers engaged in risk analysis. It also aims to promote risk research and knowledge and understanding of risk analysis techniques within the Benelux countries and beyond. Although the main theme of this year relates to risk perception, the event is open for all research domains related to risk.

The Registration is open and the Call for Abstracts has been extended. You may register (and submit an abstract if you like) via the link below. The conference fee is 25 Euros, payable via the registration link.

Conference theme

Several decades of research have shown that the way people perceive risks plays an important role in people’s decision making and behaviour. Risk perception is as much a process as it is an evaluation. It touches every aspect of our daily lives.

Risk perception influences our choices to get vaccinated, to work safely, and whether we wear our seatbelt. It affects our choices to buy novel food products, our decisions on what type of treatment to take to combat illness, and whether we accept unfamiliar innovative technologies like genetic modification or cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has once again made clear that addressing risk perception and behaviour can be key determinants of effective policy response. Risk perception thus has implications for an individual’s judgments, decisions and behaviours. It also has implications for the communication about these risks, the acceptance and adherence to policy as well as preventive measures by society.

But what do we know and what can we still learn about, for example, the determinants of risk perception? And what makes people act upon their risk perception in a way that mitigates or increases the risk? How can these insights be used to improve informed and evidence-based decision making? How can these insights be used in communication among members of the general public and policy makers?

The organization invites all contributions related to risk, e.g., risk analysis, risk management, risk governance, risk ethics, risk perception, and risk communication. We particularly welcome contributions that focus on risk perception in the domains of, for example (environmental) health, (medical) decision making, occupational health and safety, and policy making. Contributions from other domains are also welcome.

Important dates and links

  • April 29th 2022: Registration and Call for Abstracts is open
  • July 18th 2022: Call for Abstracts closes
  • October 1st 2022: Registration closes (also: no refund of fee after this date)
  • October 4th 2022: Conference on Risk Perception: From Science to Policy

Registration link: Registration

Abstract submission: 

More information

Additional information on the conference will be posted on and our social media channels. Or contact the SRA-E Benelux Board directly via .

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