Call for Papers: Experimenting with New Technologies in Society

The conference is part of a research effort in which new technology is conceptualized as a form of social experimentation. In this perspective, the introduction of a technology into society is not seen as a one-off decision but rather as an ongoing social experiment, and one of the main aims of our project is to investigate the conditions under which such social experiments are morally acceptable. However, we are also more than eager to explore additional aspects and implications of this social experimentation paradigm. As such, we would like to invite you to contribute to our upcoming conference on August 20-22 2015 at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. The themes we are interested in include:

  • The notion of (social) experiment
  • The governance of experiments
  • Historical and current cases of experimentation with new technologies
  • Ethical aspects of experimenting with new technologies
  • The politics of experimentation/experimental politics
  • Designing for experimentation
  • Future Studies/Foresight studies/Technology Assessment and experimentation

We welcome a wide range of contributions to this social experimentation framework and our conference, so do not hesitate to submit a paper before March 1st of 2015.

For more information please check the conference website

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