Colloquium: Identifying Ethical Issues of Emerging ICTs

The ETICA (Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications) project – funded by the 7th framework programme of the European Commission – has 4
work packages (WP) which aim at:

– WP1 Identifying emerging ICTs.
– WP2 Identifying ethical issues to which they give rise.
– WP3 Ranking and evaluating the foreseeable ethical risks.
– WP4 Recommending concrete governance structures to address the most salient ethical issues.

In this presentation, I will begin with a general introduction to the ETICA project in which I explain the WPs and their interrelations. I will then focus on the research of WP2, which has three stages. In the first stage an extensive overview of computer and information ethics is constructed. This overview contains 1038 references, abstracts and keywords of papers published in journals and conference proceedings on computer and information ethics. In the second stage this overview is analyzed with a computer program for bibliometrical analyses called VOSviewer. This program makes maps of co-occurring keywords in a dataset. If, for example, the terms ambient intelligence, privacy, and autonomy are often mentioned in the same abstracts, VOSviewer will put these terms close to each other in the map. So it visualizes syntactic proximity relations between key terms. And in the third stage we analyze the identified emerging ICTs with the aid of the overview and bibliometrical analysis.