Conference: Celebrating 10 years of 4TU.Ethics, June 12th and June 13th

Ethics of Technology: The Future agenda

An international conference organized on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology (4TU.Ethics)

University of Twente – June 12 & 13, 2017

Building: Waaier, room 4. 

General information: 

  • All talks consist of 25 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion/questions
  • Due to the special nature of the event, no call for papers has been issued
  • The conference is fully booked, in case you are interested in a spot on the waiting list, please contact Mees Hellinga (contact information below)
  • In case you have any questions, please contact our intern Mees Hellinga at


Monday, June 12th, 2017

09:00     Registration

09:30     Official opening


Session 1: The past, presence, and future of Ethics of Technology

Chair:     Philip BREY

9:45       Carl MITCHAM: The Ethics of Technology: Thinking Big and Small ‑ and Big  Again

10:20     Jeroen VAN DEN HOVEN: Design and Responsible Innovation

10:55     Andrew FEENBERG: A Critical Theory of Technology

11:30     Plenary Panel


12:15     Lunch


Session 2: Technology and Life (science)

Chair:     Michael NAGENBORG

13:15     Ronald SANDLER: The Ethics of Engineering Species in Conservation: Gene Drives, Synthetic Biology, and Deextinction

13:50     Mark COECKELBERGH: Technology games

14:25     Plenary Panel


14.45   Break


Session 3: Technology and the public sphere

Chair:     Philip BREY

15:00     Deborah JOHNSON, Why robots should not be treated like animals

15:35     Shannon VALLOR, Artificial Intelligence and Public Trust

16.10     Judith SIMON, Trust & Big Data

16:45     Plenary Discussion

17:05     Break


Session 4: Technology and Moral Philosophy

Chair:     Sabine ROESER

17:20     Don IHDE: Should Philosophies have Shelf Lives?

17:55     Plenary Discussion


18:15     End of first day


18:45     Dinner at the Rodenbach Restaurant, address: Parkweg 37-39, 7513 AR Enschede


Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

08:45      Registrations (only for participants who haven’t registered yet)


Session 5: Technology and risk

Chair:      Michael NAGENBORG

9:00        Sven OVE HANSSON: Ethical Risk Analysis

9:35        Paul THOMPSON: The Social Amplification of Risk: Neglected Philosophical Questions and the Agenda for Technological Ethics

10:10     John WECKERT: The Ethics of AI: back to the future?

10:45     Plenary Discussion


11.15    Break


Session 6: Parallel workshops on Robotics and Risk, Safety and Security

 Workshop 1: Robotics (11:40-13:15) – Room: Waaier 3

“The Ethical Robot or the Ethical Designer?”

Organized by: 4TU.Ethics Task “Force Robotics and ICT”


Participants: Mark COECKELBERGH, Deborah JOHNSON, and Shannon VALLOR


Workshop 2: Risk, Safety, and Security (11:40-13:15) – Room: Carre 2K

“Ethics and management of technological risks: what are the main challenges for the future?”

Organized by: 4TU.Ethics Task Force “Risk, Safety, and Security”

Chair: Sabine ROESER

Participants: Sven OVE HANSSON, Rafaela HILLERBRAND and Arjan MOL


13.15 Lunch


Session 7: Ethics in Design and Engineering

Chair:     Anthonie MEIJERS

14:00     Rafaela HILLERBRAND, Technology and human wellbeing. Towards a values sensitive design of the German Energiewende

14:35     James MOOR, Why An AI Code of Ethics May Not Be a Typical Code of Ethics

15:10     Plenary Discussion


15:40     Break


Session 8: Towards a future agenda

Chair:     Philip BREY

16:10     Program TBA


17:00     End of conference



Register online for the event.

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