Conference: How can resilient infrastructures contribute to social justice?

Conference “How can resilient infrastructures contribute to social justice?” 

Taking place 2nd of June 2016 at Technical University Delft.

In the last decade, resilience has become a leading paradigm for thinking about risks and safety threats, ranging from climate change and natural hazards to threats related to economic crises, migration, and globalization. Resilience roughly refers to the capacity of a system to respond to and recover from threats and it is often thought to contribute to a better – that is, a safer and more just – society. However, this claim is not uncontroversial. Some also argue that the resilience paradigm primarily benefits the people who are already quite well-off at the expense of disadvantaged groups. The focus in this workshop is on the relation between resilience, technology, and social justice. By bringing together different disciplines, we hope to shed light on the question how resilient infrastructures can contribute to social justice.


The session is a co-production by Delft Deltas Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative (DIMI) and the 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology – 3TU.Ethics brings together the expertise of the philosophy departments of the three Dutch technical universities in the field of ethics of science, technology and engineering.




Chaired by Neelke Doorn (TU Delft)


14:30     Welcome with coffee and tea

15:00     Opening by Prof. Marcel Hertogh (DIMI/TU Delft) – chair of ‘Infrastructure Design and Management of Civil Infrastructures’

15:10     Speakers:

Lecture by Prof. Paolo Gardoni | University of Illinois (USA) – “Introduction Resilient infrastructures & social justice”

15:40     Lecture by Prof. Tina Comes | University of Agder (Norway) – “How can ICT and information systems contribute to resilience?”

16:05     Lecture by Dr. Johan Bergström | Lund University (Sweden) – “Societal resilience as a discursive object”

16.30     Panel discussion, led by Neelke Doorn

17:00     Drinks



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