Conference _ Responsible Innovation 2011


Thomas Pogge (Yale, Australian National University)
Armin Grunwald (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)


We invite you to submit abstracts for the First Annual International Conference on Responsible Innovation organized by Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). NWO has launched an interdisciplinary research program that brings together researchers from ethics, applied science and the social and behavior sciences in research projects that aim at designing solutions to urgent societal problems.
We encourage submissions from an interdisciplinary spectrum, including but not limited to philosophers, engineers, natural scientists, social scientists, and those involved in public or private policymaking.
You can submit short abstracts for a paper or a poster session using the online submission form on the conference website.


We especially invite submissions from contributors from developing countries, who may be eligible for a scholarship.


5pm on Monday, 17th January 2011 (Amsterdam time). Abstracts will be blind-reviewed and applicants will be notified about acceptance of their submission by 14 February 2011.


Each year, a selection of the best papers presented at the conference will be published in a new Springer series entitled “Responsible Innovation”.


Medical and biomedical research
Healthcare sector on the move / Trust and Electronic patient dossier / Telecare
Privacy and Virtual Reality
Surveillance society and privacy / Data mining and security
Neurotechnology / neuroimaging
Defence, security & military technology / Moral fitness of military personnel /
Human enhancement and human dignity
Responsibility and sustainable food production
Biofuels / biodiversity / animal production
IPR and developing countries

Values, conflicts in values & culture / Persuasive technology / Soft impacts
Internationalization and equity
Governance and converging technologies / Bio security and dual use


17 Jan 2011 – abstract submission deadline
14 Feb 2011 – authors advised of outcome
11 Apr 2011 – full draft deadline (if seeking publication)


Since 2008, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has funded the thematic Responsible Innovation research programme, abbreviated to “MVI” from the Dutch “Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren”. For details see the programme website:
The Responsible Innovation programme involves research into the ethical and societal aspects of new technologies (e.g. ICT, nanotechnology, biotechnology and brain sciences) and of changes in technological systems (e.g. energy, transport, agriculture and water). The programme’s objective
is to help ensure that technological and scientific advances become properly embedded in society. To this end the funded projects not only result in scholarly analysis and an understanding of a particular problem, but subsequently also lead to a ‘design perspective’.
Research within the Responsible Innovation programme is highly inter-disciplinary. It involves close collaboration between researchers in such diverse fields as ethics, social science, law, economics, applied science and engineering – as well as innovative, design-oriented and policy-relevant. The programme has an explicitly proactive dimension.
Right from the start, research, development and design incorporate relevant ethical and societal aspects. This allows researchers to make a genuine contribution to responsible innovation.
Besides Dutch innovation projects the programme also emphatically involves innovation projects in other countries or parts of the world, in particular in developing countries.


The first annual Responsible Innovation conference will be held in The Hague, the Netherlands, on 18-19 April 2011. This two-day conference will bring together researchers from the humanities, social sciences and science/technology from around the world, to exchange ideas for mutual benefit and to forge new inter-disciplinary and international research partnerships. The programme will include two keynote presentations -Professor Thomas Pogge (Yale) and Professor Armin Grunwald (Karlsruhe
Institute of Technology) – and a special policy relevance panel session, as well as 30 contributed paper slots and 15 poster presentations drawn from this call for papers.


Professor Jeroen van den Hoven (Chair; Delft University of Technology)
Professor Bert-Jaap Koops (Tilburg University)
Professor Michiel Korthals (Universiteit van Wageningen)
Dr. Kees Linse (Board STW)
Professor Guy Widdershoven (University of Maastricht)


Professor Thomas Pogge (Yale, Australian National University)
Professor Armin Grunwald (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)


Professor Jeroen van den Hoven (Delft University of Technology)
Mrs. Neelke Doorn (Delft University of Technology)
Mr. Job Timmermans (Delft University of Technology)
Mrs. Henneke Filiz-Piekhaar (Delft University of Technology)
Mr. Malik Aleem Ahmed (Delft University of Technology)

The Responsible Innovation programme is an alliance between the NOW divisions for Humanities, Social Sciences, Science for Global Development, the Technology Foundation STW, the Netherlands organisation for health research and development (ZonMW) and six Dutch ministries. Its total budget is approximately €12m. That budget will be used for two types of projects. It will be spent on long-term projects (4 years) with a maximum budget of €550,000, and on projects that focus specifically on policy-support research. The maximum duration of those projects is one year, with a maximum budget of €125,000. In 2009 11 long-term and 5 short-term project have been awarded funding. The outcome of a second subsidy round will become available in Fall 2010. For more information on the projects currently running, see