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PhD course | Delft
Posted on May 27, 2022

Dates PhD course Design for Values changed

The PhD course LC8 Design for Values has moved to a week earlier. The lectures will be given September 5th until 9th and the presentations will be September 16th.

About the course:

Approaches like Value Sensitive Design and ethics-by-design have become popular over the last decade to integrate values, and other moral considerations, from the start in the design and development of new technologies. This course provides an introduction to some of the key underlying philosophical foundations and issues of such approaches. We will discuss what values are, and whether, and if so how, they can be embedded in new technologies. We will discuss in more detail how values can be conceptualised and specified, and we discuss ‘value conflict ’and ‘value change’, philosophically as well as in terms of their implications for designing technology for values.

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