Dual_Use Research and Biosecurity: Implications for Science, Governance and the Law

The workshop is co-organized by The Hague Institute for Global Justice and 3TU. Center for Ethics and Technology, in light of the recent debate surrounding the research done by Dutch and American scientists that effectively created a strain of H5N1 virus that is easily transmissible among ferrets (and therefore likely to be equally contagious and deadly among people). The implications of the publication alerted the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) to recommend omission of research details in the publication. The potential benefits and inherent dangers this research poses lead to a need to think about the ethics, governance and the law surrounding dual-use research.

This workshop seeks to contribute to meeting this need by bringing together a wide range of international experience and expertise, including eminent scientists, public health experts, security experts, lawyers, ethicists and representatives from key national and international institutions such as the WHO, the NSABB, governmental ministries, and universities from around the world. Speakers will be Harvey Rubin, Mike Imperiale, Ron Fouchier, Andreas Reis, Edwin Bakker, Marianne Donker, and Koos van der Bruggen.

The workshop is invitation-only.


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