Editorial: Ilse Oosterlaken & Jeroen van den Hoven (2011)

A special issue of the journal Ethics & Information Technology on the capability approach, for which much of the ground work has been done by Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum.

The editorial for the issue was written by 3TU.Ethics members Ilse Oosterlaken and Jeroen van den Hoven. The editorial titled “ICT and the Capability Approach” can be downloaded here. One of the articles in the issue is by 3TU.Ethics member Mark Coeckelbergh.

Articles in this special issue:

  • “Technology, capabilities and critical perspectives: what can critical theory contribute to Sen’s capability approach?” – Yingqin Zheng and Bernd Carsten Stahl
  • “Human development or human enhancement? A methodological reflection on capabilities and the evaluation of information technologies” – Mark Coeckelbergh
  • “Human capabilities and information and communication technology: the communicative connection” – William F. Birdsall
  • “Rethinking disability in Amartya Sen’s approach: ICT and equality of opportunity” – Mario Toboso
  • “The capability approach and the ‘medium of choice’: steps towards conceptualising information and communication technologies for development” – Dorothea Kleine
  • “The importance of capabilities in the sustainability of information and communications technology programs: the case of remote Indigenous Australian communities” – Donna Vaughan
  • “Understanding benefits realisation of iREACH from a capability approach perspective” – Helena Grunfeld, Sokleap Hak and Tara Pin

Please visit the website of publisher Springer in order to view the articles.

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