ESDIT / 4TU.Ethics Conference on Philosophy and Ethics of Technology

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ESDIT / 4TU.Ethics Conference on Philosophy and Ethics of Technology
University of Twente

We are glad to announce that the 4TU center for Ethics and Technology and the Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies (ESDiT) research program are collectively hosting a philosophy and ethics of technology conference on 2-4 October 2024 at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. All scholars working in philosophy and ethics of technology are invited to join. 

Our call for tracks is now open. A track can be considered as a sub-conference within the overall conference that deals with a specific topic, theme, or set of questions. Once the call for papers opens in a few months, scholars will be able to submit abstracts to the specific tracks. 

We welcome track-proposals concerning any theme related to philosophy and ethics of technology. Given this relatively broad scope, our organizational aim is to be as flexible as possible in setting up track coordination, but the minimal requirements for organizing a track at the conference are the following: 

  • Your track consists of at least three sessions (where sessions may consist of paper presentations, panels, workshops, or less traditional formats)
  • As track coordinator, you have the opportunity to organize the review process of abstracts and proposals that were submitted to your track (assistance will of course be provided where needed)
  • Track coordinators will be responsible for organizing the chairing of sessions that fall within your track. 
  • If your proposed track has a strong overlap with other proposals, we may attempt to merge tracks.

If you are interested in organizing a track, please submit a title; max 5 keywords; and a brief description of the subject including one or more research questions (±500 words) to before 20-12-2023.

We look forward to receiving your proposals. For any questions or comments, please contact us at

You can find the conference website here

Best wishes,

Jochem Zwier, Emily Sullivan, Lucie White, Philip Brey, and Vincent Blok

Scientific committee ESDiT/4TU.ethics conference