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Posted on December 4, 2020

First episode in the corona/ethics podcast series published

We are happy to announce that the first episode in the podcast series corona/ethics is now online at

The podcast series is an initiative of 4TU.Ethics in conjunction with DDfV and is part of the Working Group on the COVID-19 Crisis. The monthly podcasts are concerned with the ethical reflection on diverse COVID-19 measures. In this series, philosophers of technology are asked to consider how the pandemic challenges practices and institutions and how ethical reflection can provide a better understanding of these challenges and the responses to them.

This first episode is called Corona, our relation to the world, and contact tracing and features dr. Lavinia Marin as host. The guests are dr. Olya Kudina and dr. Janna van Grunsven from TU Delft. For 60 minutes, Lavinia talks with Olya and Janna about the loss of familiarity during the pandemic and contact tracing technology. They also discuss individual choice, responsibility, public health, and social and individual values.

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