First International Workshop on Worker-Robot Relationships

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First International Workshop on Worker-Robot Relationships
Contributions of philosophers are welcome!
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Submit to the First International Workshop on Worker-Robot Relationships in conjunction with the @HRI_Conference 2024.

In Industry 5.0, cognitive robots and workers will engage in evolving and reciprocal relations, which we call worker-robot relationships (WRRs). To enable evidence-based work futures with workers, we must co-develop WRRs and understand their impact on work, workers, management, and society. To this end, the HRI field should work beyond disciplines and include value-driven and plural perspectives through transdisciplinary research done with and for workers.

However, WRRs and transdisciplinarity pose unique technical, philosophical, and methodological challenges yet to be explored. We propose a workshop to engage the HRI community working on Industry 5.0, aiming at 1) taking stock of current WRR-related challenges in relevant disciplines, 2) collectively kick-off the exploration of a joint research agenda, 3) preliminary examining if and how transdisciplinarity could help the HRI community, and 4) start discussing how to deal with such complex knowledge integration in practice.

The workshop is 11 March 2024.

Participants are invited to submit a one-to-four-page position paper related to the future of work with robots.

Submissions do not need to be anonymized for review. All manuscripts must be written in English and submitted electronically in PDF format via EasyChair. The position papers will be published online (with DOI reference for each).

The workshop will be hybrid. 

Deadline for submissions is 12 February 2024.

More information can be found here.