Frugal Innovations and Responsible Entrepreneurship – MVI grant awarded to 3TU.Ethics researcher Neelke Doorn

3TU.Ethics member Neelke Doorn has been awarded a MVI grant by NWO.

The project is titled “Frugal Innovations and Responsible Entrepreneurship: Case Studies In the Water and Health Sectors in East Africa” and is about entrepeneurship in developing countries. It’s aim is to show how, by cooperating with local entrepeneurs, Dutch firms can develop accessible innovations that fulfill the needs of the relatively poor consumers, create local employment opportunities, and provide experimental insights in how existing technologies can feed back into the Dutch market.

Neelke Doorn will be working on this project together with Cees van Beers (TU Delft), Peter Knorringa (Erasmus University), and André Leliveld (Leiden University). You can read the summary in Dutch here.

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