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Posted on May 23, 2023

Extended deadline 7th SRAE-Benelux conference and call for abstracts

The deadline for submitting an abstract to the 7th Society for Risk Analysis-Europe Benelux Conference is extended to June 5thPlease find below the call for abstracts.

The conference is taking place on October 31st in Brussels on the KU Leuven Campus. We will have a full day of exciting talks about the theme “Dealing with the uncertain: From risk to resilience and other topics related to risk research, and a lot of possibilities to network with researchers and professionals in the risk domain.

  • Keynote speaker prof.dr. Neelke Doorn will talk about “Responsibility arrangements for resilience: A ethical exploration”.  
  • We will have a panel discussion on “Practical approaches for developing holistic, representative and cross-sectoral resilience”.
  • Parallel sessions of various topics of risk research.

Additional information on the conference will be posted on and our social media channels (@sra_e_benelux; in due time.

Call for abstracts

Destabilizing forces such as natural resource depletion, wars, public health threats, climate and energy crises, can generate far-reaching consequences. Due to the complex and interconnected nature of these societal challenges, limitations to traditional forms of risk governance exist. In order to more effectively deal with known and unknown risks, there is a need for multi-actor and cross-sectoral approaches. In fact, shared efforts are essential to face unexpected and/or long-term stresses and uncertainties. However, multilateral and inter-sectorial considerations require higher organizational integration to accommodate multiple viewpoints, values and priorities. To this end, knowledge integration and reflexivity are key capabilities needed to face changes and perturbations through positive adaptation, i.e. to generate resilience. But how can this be done in practice? What are the requirements, tools and resources needed to positively and collectively deal with stresses and uncertainty? How can societal and individual capacities be strengthened to turn these challenges into opportunities?

This 7th Annual SRAE Benelux conference aims to bring together professionals from research institutions, government and industry  to discuss about the following themes:

  • Resilient systems
  • Hybrid threats
  • Multi-actor risk governance
  • Sustainability risks and risk governance for sustainability
  • Anticipatory thinking for risk prevention and preparedness
  • Values, equity and justice in transformations towards resilience
  • Risk ethics
  • Public responses to risk governance
  • Risk perception and risk behavior

Contributions from other domains of risk research are also welcome.

Attendance will be in-person only.

Abstracts (max. 500 words, single spaced, 12 pt, Times Roman) can be submitted to  until June 5th, 2023.


If you have any queries about the conference, please contact 

If you have any queries about the SRAE Benelux or its email list, please contact 

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