Keynote address: Dr. Tamar Sharon

The Googlization of health: An empirical-philosophical inquiry

On Friday 8th November, Tamar will be talking about the Googlization of health: An empirical-philosophical inquiry into the plurality of common goods.

As we move into the digital era, companies like Google, Apple and Amazon are increasingly becoming important facilitators of medical research and healthcare provision. This “Googlization of health” may advance personalized medicine in unprecedented ways, but it is also an encroachment of digital capitalism into the sphere of health and medicine, importing all the risks we know from the online world into the world of digital health and medicine. What is at stake in this phenomenon, more than privacy, is no less than the common good. But securing the common good, I argue in this talk, requires first moving beyond a simple dichotomy of markets vs. morals, to identify a plurality of spheres and orders of worth – each with their own conception of the common good – that are at work in this phenomenon. This is paramount in order to better understand the many risks involved in the Googlization of health, in addition to commodification, and further, to determine which conception of the common good should be the dominant one for digital health and medicine in the future.

Tamar Sharon is an Associate professor in philosophy of technology at Radboud Interdisciplinary Hub for Security, Privacy and Data Governance, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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