Koepsell, David. 2009

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell.


Who Owns You? is a comprehensive exploration of the numerous philosophical and legal problems of gene patenting.

  • Provides the first comprehensive book-length treatment of this subject
  • Develops arguments regarding moral realism, and provides a method of judgment that attempts to be ideologically neutral
  • Calls for public attention and policy changes to end the practice of gene patenting

Table of contents

1. Individual & Collective Rights in Genomic Data: Preliminary Issues.
2. Ethics and Ontology: A Brief Discourse on Method.
3. The Science: Genes and Phenotypes.
4. DNA, Species, Individuals, and Persons.
5. Legal Dimensions in Gene Ownership.
6. Are Genes Intellectual Property?
7. DNA and The Commons.
8. Pragmatic Considerations of Gene Ownership.
9. So, Who Owns You? Some Conclusions about Genes, Property, and Personhood.

Author information

David Koepsell is an author, philosopher, and attorney whose recent research focuses on the nexus of science, technology, ethics, and public policy. He is Assistant Professor, Philosophy Section, Faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management at the Technology University of Delft, in The Netherlands, and Senior Fellow, 3TU Centre for Ethics and Technology, The Netherlands. He is also the author of The Ontology of Cyberspace: Philosophy, Law, and the Future of Intellectual Property, as well as numerous scholarly articles on law, philosophy, science, and ethics.

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