Lecture ‘Ethics and Architecture’

Contents of the lecture

Following an essay by the philosopher Thomas Nagel, Ray will examine a twentieth-century case study, and argue that it is intrinsic to professional activity to involve the prioritising of unquantifiable “goods”. In the changing nature of architectural practice in the twenty-first century, the task for architects is to re-establish a context within which sound judgments can be made. If ethical thinking is now inescapable for the profession of architecture, there are important implications for architectural education, which in the past has either pretended to be a science or has retreated into aesthetic speculation.

Nicholas Ray is an architect who has combined teaching, practice and research in Cambridge since 1973. In 2005 he published Alvar Aalto (Yale University Press) and Architecture and its Ethical Dilemmas (Routledge). Nicolas Ray pays a short visit to Eindhoven to participate in the Symposium Architecture and Philosophy, organized by our member Christian Illies.

Date / time / location

Wednesday, March 28th
11.45 AM
Eindhoven University of Technology
De Zwarte Doos, 1.03

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