LiSHT workshop on The Limits of Consent

On December 14th 2018, 4TU.Ethics’ new Life Science and Health Taskforce (LiSHT) (formerly known as the Medical Technologies Taskforce) held a workshop on the ‘Limits of Consent’ at Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with the NWO-MVI project “Mobile Support Systems for Behaviour Change”.

In many fields such as public health, emergency medicine research, mobile health technologies, health data banking, and biobanking, consent is either difficult to apply or it is not very morally meaningful when it is applied. This problem is widely acknowledged by practitioners, social scientists, and philosophers and the workshop addressed the following related issues:

  • What prospects are there for reframing and reforming the practice of consent in these fields?
  • Is there a unified and well-grounded theoretical basis for such reframing?
  • What empirical and creative technical work is needed to validate this in practice?

Besides contributions of Taskforce members, the programme contained a lecture by Mark Sheehan (University of Oxford) on consent versus governance, and a conversation with Pierre America (Philips Healthcare) on issues regarding consent for health care data platforms.