Minister Winsemius opens 3TU.Ethics

The opening was attended by a large part of the more than 30 members / researchers from the Centre, as well as representatives from business, government and NGO’s.

With a mouseclick (see photo on the right), that launched this website, minister Winsemius declared the 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology to be officially in business. In his inspired speech, several ethical topics were discussed, from climate change to dangerous chemical substances in industry, from fraud in the Dutch construction sector to DNA-technology. “The technology will be there, there is no question about that”, the minister stated. “But do we want it? And if so, how?” The classic ideal of a value free science was doubted by Winsemius, the importance of the newest 3TU-centre was evident to him.
Subsequently professor Jeroen van den Hoven, scientific director of the Centre, shortly sketched the future plans of 3TU.Etnics, amongst which an international PhD-programme in the area of ethics and technology. As an example of the challenge of responsible innovation he mentioned the example of smart security camera’s, that are able to combine a high security with a high degree of privacy protection. “Do not instantly say ‘no’ against technology, but investigate how public values can be incorporated in its design.”

Below some photos from the opening:


Press release opening (in Dutch only)

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