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New positions | 4TU.Ethics
Posted on March 10, 2023

New scientific director 4TU.Ethics

Marcel Verweij has accepted a position as new professor of Ethics in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the Utrecht University. We congratulate Marcel with his new job. Marcel was the scientific director of the 4TU.Ethics. We are happy to announce that Vincent Blok, who was graduate school director of the 4TU.Ethics, has replaced Marcel as scientific director.

Jochem Zwier, coordinator of 4TU.Ethics, is the managing director now.

The 4TU.Ethics coordination team now consists of scientific director Vincent Blok, managing director Jochem Zwier and coordinator Mariska Bosschaert.

The scientific director is, together with the 4TU.Ethics management team, responsible for the strategy of the 4TU.Ethics. The managing director translates this strategy into concrete activities and policy and is responsible for communication with the management team. The coordinator executes the policy and is responsible for communication with the community.

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This also does not change anything in our current focus on strengthening the graduate school.

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