The new KIVI_NIRIA / 3TU.Ethics Lectures Series is about to start

A closer collaboration between the Philosophy and Technology programme of KIVI-NIRIA and 3TU.Ethics is a welcomed development for both organizations, as both research programmes and activities will benefit from the inputs and feedbacks provided through it. In particular, 3TU.Ethics PhD students will have a chance to interact with a heterogeneous audience of academics, professionals and engineering students and to provide as well as receive precious feedbacks on their works.

In the attached document, you’ll find the invitation to the first lecture (please note that the invitation is in Dutch, but the lecture will be held in English). For additional information on the lectures series or more general information on the activities of the involved organizations you may contact {encode=””title=”Ir Wout Loeve”}(KIVI-NIRIA Secretariaat) and {encode=”” title=”Dr Claudia Basta”}(3TU.Ethics Coordinator).