NVBe prize on bioethics for member 3TU.Ethics

The jury report speaks of an article that contributes to “overcoming the infertile disagreements in ethics”, that is “recognizable” for people working in neonatal care, that is interdisciplinary “strong” and that is original because philosophy and empiricism “are being combined in an interesting and challenging way”. The conclusion is: “empirical ethics at it’s best!”.

The NVBe tries to stimulate ethical debate in Dutch hospitals, ethical committees, schools, magazine and other organizations by awarding the NVBe prize once in every three years to an innovative contribution to this debate. Entries can consist of an article, but also a film or computer program, a project that has been executed within a health care institution or an educational module in the area of bioethics. The most important criterion for the independent jury is the degree to which the entrants have contributed to stimulating ethical debate in relevant sectors of science and society. In addition, the jury pays attention to topicality, originality and attractiveness of methods used.

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