OZSW: Bootcamp Women in Philosophy

The PhD Council of the OZSW, in collaboration with SWIP.NL (Society of Women in Philosophy) and the SMO (Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming), organizes a Bootcamp Women in Philosophy!

When? Friday 24 June 10.00-18.00

Where? Rotterdam Science Tower, Marconiplein 16, 11th floor 

For whom? Women (and men) working in the field of academic philosophy, from PhD to Professor



It is well known that women are still underrepresented in the field of academic philosophy. We not only aim to reflect on the causes of this situation, but also to take the first practical steps in order to make a difference. How to increase the visibility of women? How to make sure their stories are heard? What can we do to make most of the talents they have? This day hopes to give all women in philosophy the boost they need, and to inspire men to approach this issue in a helpful way! 


Progam (provisional):

10.00-12.00: opening, welcome. Lecture by Annemie Halsema and panel discussion: how to understand the current situation and what steps must be taken to make an institutional change?

12.00-13.00: lunch

13.00-15.00: workshop: Creating Career Opportunities: how to make the most of the talents and skills you have?  

15.00-15.30: break

15.30-17.30: Pitching you & your work! 

17.30-18.00: reflection on the day with drinks


Costs: 30 euros for PhD’s; 40 euros for Post-docs and (Assistant) Professors.


For registration and the program, see here.

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