OZSW Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy

The OZSW Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy is taking place on 20-22nd of April at the University of Twente. This conference is organised with support of the 3TU.Ethics Centre.

The program can be found here, and the abstracts of the talks here.

The conference is themed “How Philosophy meets the World”.

OZSW-GCTP2016: “How Philosophy Meets the World”

Philosophers are often pictured as far removed from reality, living in ivory towers. But often philosophy, even of the more theoretical kind, has potential for a huge impact on the way we think about aspects of the world and live our lives. Philosophers themselves often need more encouragement to think about how their ideas and fields have meaning and relevance beyond academic walls, and the directions along which their fields can change our ideas about the world or make contributions to practical problems in science, ethics, society, and so on.

For the Dutch Research School of Philosophy Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy (OZSW-GCTP2016), we are interested in how young researchers situate and demonstrate the relevance of their work. What are the importance or significance of the problems you discuss? What is the importance and significance of your approach to those problems? How do you hope to advance them, and by doing so what might the benefits be both to philosophy but also outside the walls of the philosophy department?

For this conference, we invite graduate students to submit abstracts for presentations of 20 minutes in the field of theoretical philosophy in both its analytic and its continental tradition (philosophy of mind, language and science, logic, metaphysics, epistemology and aesthetics). Presentations can be on any topic in these areas, but they should also reflect on how this work connects philosophy to the world or our understanding of it. Apart from some fantastic keynote speakers, the conference will have a range of social and academic activities; a great chance to meet and talk with other graduate students in your field!


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