Peter_Paul Verbeek joins Young Academy

Peter-Paul Verbeek (1970) investigates the relationship between humans and technology and the ambiguous line between the two. Are humans and technology merging too far over the line of what can be called ‘human’, or have human beings always been intertwined with technology? Verbeek studies which human and ethical approaches can be used to guide the latest technological advances. He has achieved a prominent international position within the philosophy of technology. His book What Things Do: Philosophical Reflections on Technology, Agency and Design has been very well received and widely reviewed. Last year Verbeek received one of the prestigious Vidi research grants from NWO (see here for more info on that).

The ten new Young Academy members are researchers working in a variety of different disciplines who have been selected for their scientific achievements and received their PhDs less than ten years ago. The Young Academy organizes interdisciplinary scientific conferences, expresses its opinion on various social and political themes, and works to promote an interest in science among the general public. Each year a committee that includes members of the Young Academy and the Royal Netherlands Academy select ten new Young Academy members, based on recommendations from the research community. Members leave the Young Academy after five years.

For more information on the Young Academy and the other new members see the press release of the KNAW.

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