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Posted on March 10, 2021

Policy options for the ethical governance of disruptive technologies

23 March 2021, 13.00 – 18.30 hr

European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment panel (STOA) invite you to a joint online event on 23 March 2021, where we will discuss the ethical, social and legal impact of emerging technologies and put forward our proposals for the ethical governance of these technologies.

The event will be moderated by Science journalist and broadcaster Vivienne Parry and will include keynote speeches from European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Head of Cabinet for European Commission VP Margaritis Schinas Despina Spanou as well as the University of Montreal’s renowned AI expert and “father of deep learning” Yoshua Bengio. The interactive event will furthermore include contributions from leading figures in policy, industry, research and civil society.

Other speakers include Johnny Soraker (Google), Anthony Gooch (OECD), Konstantinos Karachalios (Managing Director IEEE), Lorena Jaume-Palasí (The Ethical Tech Society), Aimee van Wynsberghe (Foundation for Responsible Robotics) and others.

The three EU projects represent a €10m investment in research from the European Commission to develop governance structures that are sensitive to ethical and human rights concerns of emerging technologies, notably including artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

This event builds on the work undertaken in the three projects and is meant to stimulate high-level policy-related debate around questions concerning new and emerging disruptive technologies.

For more information about the event visit the STOA website.


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