Product Impact Symposium _ Theory, ethics and design of behaviour_steering technology

Everyday technologies often have unexpected effects on humans. They change our routines, perceptions, needs and attitudes. This is an important reason for unintended social consequences. In Philosophy of Technology and Science and Technology Studies, various frameworks have been developed for conceptualizing, assessing, and designing these effects. Examples are the mediation approach (Ihde 1990; Verbeek 2005), the script approach (Latour 1992), the field of persuasive technology (Fogg 2003), and the nudge approach (Thaler and Sunstein 2008).

This symposium brings together researchers and designers who aim to link these theoretical insights with the practice of product design. We will discuss various theoretical and ethical approaches to behaviour-influencing technology, and have workshops on how to apply them in design practice.

In the morning there are lectures about the theory, ethics, and design of behaviour influencing technologies:

  • Prof. dr. ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek: Opening: mediation theory and design
  • Ir. Nynke Tromp: Design for social behaviour
  • Dan Lockton MPhil (Brunel University, UK): On the Design with intent toolkit
  • Drs. Steven Dorrestijn: Product impact in the design of the “OV-chipkaart”

The afternoon programme starts with a workshop in which participants can learn tools and participate in interactive sessions about guiding and changing user behaviour by design and concludes with a anel discussion.

The Product Impact Symposium is organized at the University of Twente by Steven Dorrestijn, Nynke Tromp and Peter-Paul Verbeek.

The event takes place in the context of the IOP project Design for Usability, which focuses on the quality of the interactions between users and products. Integration of knowledge about how products guide and change user behaviour can help to better anticipate product use and to design for desired behaviour. The symposium aims at exchanging and building scientific knowledge about product impact and sharing knowledge and tools with designers and industrial partners.

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