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PhD course | Linschoten
Posted on March 2, 2023

Registration writing retreat May open

The writing retreat of June 2023 has been moved to May 2023. It will be held in Linschoten, near Utrecht, 1-5 May 2023.

Surrounded by nature and like-minded PhD students, the writing retreat is the perfect occasion to get some nice writing done, bond with the rest of the group, and learn from each other. The days will kick off with morning workshops on writing, both academic and more general, while the afternoons will offer plenty of time for writing. Cooking and eating together will be part of the experience, offering another good chance to let thoughts and words flow freely.

If you like to join this writing retreat, you can register here.
Note that there is a limited number of participants that can join this retreat. When this number has been reached, a waiting list will open.

The deadline for registration is 17 April 2023.



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