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Posted on February 7, 2020

Innovating Together: Responsible Scaling of Co-creation

Scaling of innovations is seen as an inescapable answer to the growing urgency to tackle grand societal challenges. Value co-creation receives increasing traction as a key method for involvement of a variety of actors to realise the inevitable scaling. Not all co-creation methods however spread equally and work to the same success in different contexts. This conference will explore and analyse the apparent paradox between on the one hand, the (cultural, political, social) local situated-ness of co-creation practices; and on the other hand the (perceived) need for generalising, transferring, or ‘scaling up’ co-creation practices to different socio-cultural settings.


The conference is part of the H2020 project.


The conference will bring together practitioners, policy-makers (from EC, national and local level) and academics (Venkat Ramaswamy, Tsjalling Swiestra, …) applied to the fields of Urban Energy, Robotics and Autonomous Driving.


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