Smart grids in India – MVI grant awarded to 3TU.Ethics researchers

A grant worth € 375.000 has been awarded to our members, Auke Pols and Andreas Spahn in the 2014/2015 MVI NWO competition, Top Sector Energy.

India faces two major challenges in the field of electricity generation and use. Its electricity demand is growing while its central grid suffers from severe performance deficits. Meanwhile, a significant part of India’s population does not even have access to the central grid. The Indian government aims to address these challenges in part by using smart grids, energy networks that use ICT to match supply and demand from multiple sources. However, successful smart grid development is not simply a matter of getting the technology right: social embedding, ethical acceptability and institutional support are at least as important. This project therefore sets out to answer the question: How can smart grids be successfully developed and implemented in rural India?

The goal of the project is to answer the research question by the actual responsible development and implementation of a smart grid prototype.

You can also read a short project summary (in Dutch) here

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