Conference: SPT 2009 _ Converging Technologies, Changing Societies

SPT 2009 will include 14 tracks:

  1. Converging technologies and human enhancement
  2. Converging technologies and engineering sciences
  3. Converging technologies and risks
  4. Converging technologies: general issues
  5. Ethics of emerging technologies
  6. Philosophy and ethics of biomedical and nanotechnology
  7. Philosophy and ethics of information technology
  8. Environmental philosophy and sustainable technology
  9. Philosophy of engineering and design
  10. Robots, cyborgs and artificial life
  11. Technology and moral responsibility
  12. Technology, culture and globalisation
  13. The good life and technology
  14. Philosophy of technology: general and assorted issues

Call for papers
SPT 2009 welcomes high quality papers and panel proposals in all areas of philosophy of technology. Given the focus of this year’s conference, papers dealing with converging technologies and their social and cultural impact are especially welcomed. More information / call for papers.

Organizing Committee:
Directors: Philip Brey and Peter-Paul Verbeek, University of Twente
Coordination: Katinka Waelbers, University of Twente

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