The Ethics of Robots

Robots can add value to our lives

But can they also detract value from our lives?

Mark Coeckelbergh with robot

This is one central question that researchers of 3TU.Ethics focus on. This question can become relevant in many different domains of our live. Think, for instance, of the use of robots in medicine, or the use of robots in health care. In medicine, robots can achieve a level of precision that is unparalleled… without ever becoming tired. In health care more broadly understood, robots can sometimes ‘replace’ real human beings and become ‘carebots’. Yet, this use of robots can raise all kinds of ethical questions. What about the autonomy and privacy of the persons being ‘cared for’ by the robot. And, indeed, is what the robot does really ‘caring for’ in the way we normally understand this term? Just like the notion of ‘friend’ is being changed through the use of Facebook, the notion of ‘caring’ might change due to the use of robots. Researchers of 3TU.Ethics are working together with various experts in the field, for instance with the Delft Robotics Institute.

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