The fourth PSTS Academic Workshop


09:30 Welcome
09.45 Adri de la Bruheze (University of Twente)
Theorizing the Mediation Junction for Technology and Consumption
10:35 Ellen van Oost (University of Twente)
From Innovation Community to Community Innovation. User-initiated Innovation in Wireless Leiden
11.25 Coffee break
11.45 Pieter Vermaas (Delft University of Technology)
Nano-Technology and Privacy: On Continuous Surveillance Outside the Panopticon

14:00 Marion Godman (Royal Institute of Technolgy, Stockholm)
But is it Unique to Nanotechnology? Reframing Nanoethics
14:50 Dirk Stemerding (University of Twente)
Exploring the dynamic mutual interaction of technology and morality in the field of genetic susceptibility testing: a scenario study
15.40 Tea and coffee
16:00 Sjoerd Zwart (Eindhoven University of Technology)
A Network Approach for Distinguishing Ethical Issues in Research and Development
16.50 Overview and Closing, until 17.15


Registration is free and can be done by sending your name and affiliation to Mrs P. Bruulsema, {encode=”” title=””}, stating your interest to attend the PSTS workshop. Facilities for lunch are available though not free.