Values4Water – MVI grant awarded to 3TU.Ethics researcher Neelke Doorn

3TU.Ethics member Neelke Doorn has been awarded another MVI grant by NWO for the project “Values4Water: A framework for value sensitive collaborative water governance.”

Water governance involves different stakeholders or stakeholder groups, like agriculture, industry, the environmental sector, and also citizens in general. Good water governance requires that these – often competing – stakes are addequately addressed. Although there may be a possible conflict at the level of stakes, at a more fundamental level people often agree that certain values need to be taken into account, like safety and a fair distribution of costs and benefits. The aim of this project is to develop a platform (Values4Water), which will support the identification and use of these values in the decision making process.

Besides Neelke Doorn, two others researchers from TU Delft will be involved in the project: Virginia Dignum and Huib Aldewereld (TUD).You can read the summary in Dutch here

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