Visiting Scholar: Colleen Murphy

Last week Colleen Murphy started her stay as joint visiting professor the 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology in the Netherlands. Colleen is an associate professor at the University of Illinois where her main research interest are jurisprudence, political philosophy, and risk ethics.  

During her stay Colleen will work closely with several of our 3TU.Ethics members. For the time of her stay, she will be based in Delft. She will deliver the keynote address at the 3TU.Ethics Annual Research Day on May 25th, 2016, and will give a talk at the departmental colloquium during her visit to Twente (June 16-17th, 2016). Members who would like to meet with Colleen are invited to contact our centre’s Assistant Director, Myrthe van Nus.


May 25th: Keynote at the 3TU.Ethics Annual Research day

June 16-17th: Visit at the University of Twente

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