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Posted on October 14, 2015

Workshop Human-Technology Relations in Ethics, Design and Science

​3-Day Workshop Human-Technology Relations in
Ethics, Design and Science:
Mediation theory and Philosophy of Technology

14-15-16th December 2015
DesignLab – Ideation Space, Building the Gallery


The philosophy department of the University of Twente invites PhD students and ambitious master-students to join a 3-day winter school in philosophy of technology, focusing on the technological mediation of morality, epistemology, and metaphysics. The event will take place in the DesignLab (Twente University) on 14-15-16th December 2015 and is hosted by Prof Peter-Paul Verbeek. We are happy to announce Robert Rosenberger (Georgia Institute of Technology) as our keynote speaker.

The purpose of the workshop is to get PhD students and ambitious master-students acquainted with the philosophy of human-technology relations. We will especially focus on the ethical, epistemological and metaphysical issues related to the emergence and design of new technologies. Philosophers with interest in the impact of technology on their field of study as well as scientists/engineers who want to know more about the philosophical consequences of the technologies they develop are invited to join.

We will focus on the concept of mediation, thereby addressing how technology mediates our notions of morality, knowledge and transcendence. Examples of specific questions that will be reflected upon are: How do new technologies such as Google Glass mediate our notion of privacy? (Morality) How do imaging technologies mediate our knowledge of the brain? (Epistemology) How do medical technologies mediate the existential relation we have with our body? (Metaphysics)

Admission Documents

  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • A short statement that relates your own work to technological mediation

Number of ECTS credits

A TGS Certificate (2 EC) will be handed over to those who attended 3 days.

Course Fee

This workshop is free of charge for TGS and 3TU PhD’s (including lunch and dinner). For other students the costs will be 75 €.


Please arrange it yourself. You can contact the Conference Hotel The Drienerburght that is situated on the campus ( It is 70 € for a night including breakfast. Please mention TGS as contact.


Please register before November 30, 2015 at: workshops/philosophy-of-science-workshop/

The number of seats is limited, so first come first served!

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