Workshop ‘Ethics in Epistemology’

This workshop is organised by the Center for Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Science (CEPTES) of the Philosophy Department of the University of Twente, with support of the 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology. The organisation is in the hands of our member Isabelle Pechard.

Short report of the workshop


For a short report of the workshop, delineating some further themes of reflection opened up by the workshop, see here.

Aims of the workshop

This workshop aims to explore the possibility of an internal relation between ethics and epistemology. Ethics and epistemology are usually considered as two distinct philosophical domains. Ethics is seen as a source of external constraints on different domains of epistemic activity, and as providing an external model for the development of virtue epistemology. But when epistemology appeals to the traits of character of epistemic agents, such as courage or open-mindedness, as conditions for the formation of knowledge, is the image of two separate domains still appropriate? Wouldn’t the idea of an intrinsic contribution of ethics to epistemology be more relevant? Could ethical commitments then function as a productive component of the epistemic process? Seeing ourselves as epistemically responsible agents presupposes that our epistemic commitments involve choices for which we can be held responsible and which condition the acquisition of knowledge and may influence its content. To what extent do ethical commitments pertain to the choices that make us epistemically responsible?

The presentations were followed by an open discussion.

Photos from the workshop

Here are some photos from the workshop:


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