Workshop ‘Increasing Health, Reducing Poverty _ The Ethics of Global Institutional Reform’

With Thomas Pogge

9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m, Vredespaleis (Peace Palace), The Hague

The Health Impact Fund (HIF), initiated by Thomas Pogge, is an excellent example of the merger of theory and practice regarding what ought to be done to reduce poverty worldwide — specifically poverty related to inadequate health (care). The HIF proposes a new way of stimulating research and development of life-saving pharmaceuticals and making them more accessible to the poor in developing countries. Theoretical reflection about our ethical duties to the poor has resulted in a practical initiative that aims to ensure that people indeed act in line with those duties. Pogge’s solution is an example of what some have called ‘incentivizing ethics’. Inspired by, but in no way limited, to this case, this workshop seeks to explore both more abstract philosophical as well as applied ethical questions about (re)designing global institutions in order to bring about poverty reduction and justice.

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