Workshop ‘Values in Socio-Technical Systems; Design, Ethics and Policy’

Case study: electric cars

In order to put some flesh on the bones of this workshop, the electrical car (not just the artifact, but also related systems – like the required ‘smart grids’ – practices, policies and regulations) will be a central case study in this workshop.

Format of the workshop

This will be an interactive and small workshop (max. 20 participants). Chair of the workshop is journalist Joris Luyendijk. Recently, he has written regularly about the introduction of the electric car in the Netherlands (see here).

Invited participants [expertise]

  • Cees de Bont, TU Delft, The Netherlands – [industrial design, electric cars]
  • Ernst ten Heuvelhof, TU Delft, The Netherlands – [process management]
  • Janne Hukkinen, University of Helsinki, Finland – [environmental policy]
  • Ibo van de Poel, TU Delft, The Netherlands – [value sensitive design]
  • Evan Selinger, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA – [role of expertise]

Organisation & more information

For more information, please contact the organisers of this workshop:

  • Willemijn Dicke, Multi-actor Systems Department of TPM, {encode=”” title=””}
  • Ilse Oosterlaken, Values & Technology Department of TPM, {encode=”” title=””}

To register, please send an e-mail to Wendela Nooteboom, {encode=”” title=””}

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