TU Delft

TU Delft

The university offers various courses focused on career perpectives. PhDs also have a budget to follow courses outside of the university.

The courses offered at the TU Delft:

T4.F2 Career Development – Making impact with your Thesis
You will practise how to think in an entrepreneurial way and develop your own business ideas based on your PhD research.

T4.G3 Career Development - Prepare for a career in academia
This workshop is aimed at PhDs who have passed their “go decision” and value support in preparing and deciding whether academia is the right career step.

T4.G4 Career Development - Looking for Work in The Netherlands
This pragmatic workshop aims to deliver insights balancing your career values with your career goals.

T4.G5 Career Development - Personal branding, presenting yourself effectively
You will develop your brand personality and create a self-made brand template, which you can use to stand out the crowd.

T4.G6 Career Development - Preparing for an assessment center
In this course you will gather a lot of insight and practical tips to be able to participate in an assessment center, as part of an application procedure in industry.

T4.G7 Career Development - Exploring a career outside academia
This workshop is aimed at PhDs who have passed the go/no-go phase and wish to explore career possibilities outside of academia upon graduation.

T4.G8 Career Development - Building an Inclusive Workplace Together
With fellow female PhD candidates, you will explore best practices, share insights, compare experiences, and discuss your ideas and challenges in your learning environment that has direct relevance and personal impact.

T4.G10 Career Development - Personality Matters
In this course the ‘Golden Personality Type Profiler’ will be briefly explained to you, you will receive help in exploring your personal results, and you will be challenged to draft learning goals in an interactive setting which can be implemented throughout your PhD and beyond.

T4.G12 Career Development - Get your materials ready for job applications
This course is aimed at PhD candidates who are preparing to transition to their next career and need to refresh or develop their art of writing a CV, motivation letter, personal statement and LinkedIn profile.

T4.G14 Career Development - From Scientist to Entrepreneur
The goal of this course is for you to become familiar concepts from innovation management, business management, communication design and organisation psychology that are crucial in getting a good idea out of the academic realm into the “real world”.