Wageningen University

Wageningen University

The Wageningen University offers various career oriented courses for PhDs. Both PhDs of the WUR and other 4TU PhDs can register for these courses.

Career Assessment (New format)
The career assessment will help you to translate your competences, knowledge and skills acquired during your PhD to the demands of employers in various sectors, by describing them in tangible results.

Career Orientation - Reviews previous participants 
Meant for PhD candidates and postdocs who are orienting themselves in what future career to choose, in or outside of science.

Career Perspectives (New format)
The training Career Perspectives is meant for PhDs in their third or fourth year to prepare them for their next career step.

Entrepreneurship in and outside Science
Analysis and development of entrepreneurial skills and career opportunities for young scientists in or outside academia to create impact, exploring possibilities for applications of scientific insights: projects, impact propositions and working as or at a startup company as a scientist.